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Your Weight on a Neutron Star

According to the Stars and Planets Peterson Field Guide, neutron stars have 1.4 to 4 times the mass of the Sun, yet diameters of about 12 miles. We'll figure your weight on a neutron star having twice the mass of the Sun and a diameter of 12 miles (radius of 6 miles).

Such a star would have the mass of about 666,000 Earths. Given that this neutron star equaled the size of the Earth, you would weigh 666,000 times more. However, since the neutron star is much smaller than Earth, you are closer to the center of gravity and, consequently, would weigh more. To figure how much more, employ the inverse square law.

The Earth's radius is 3960 miles, whereas the neutron star's radius is 6 miles. Divide 3960 by 6 to get 660. Then square 660 to obtain 435,600. Multiply 435,600 times 666,000 to find out that you'd weigh about 290,109,600,000 times more on a neutron star having twice the Sun's mass but a radius of 6 miles.

Your Weight

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