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Starlab Planetarium!

Learn to find your way around the autumn night sky with the Big Dipper, Orion the Mighty Hunter and the Square of Pegasus! Learn about the largest and brightest Full Moon of the year to light up the night on Oct. 25-26! Presently, Venus shines as the brightest star-like point of light in the dawn and predawn sky, and Jupiter beams as the most brilliant star-like object in the early evening sky. The gem of all the solar system worlds, the ringed planet Saturn, rises shortly before morning dawn! Moreover, the normally reclusive planet Mercury will be presenting one of its best apparitions in the morning sky this November!

Learn this and more as Starlab brings the universe to your doorstep. Starlab planetarium is a compact, portable dome-shaped structure that blows up to comfortably accommodate 30 stargazing enthusiasts. Simulating the night sky, Starlab shows you the Moon, stars and planets, and the whispy presence of the Milky Way Galaxy. What's more, Starlab brings the age-old mythological constellations back to life for great family entertainment. A perfect set-up for schools, libraries, nature centers and summer camps. To make arrangements and/or to inquire, please click here. Scroll down to check out how starlab and other programs meet with New York State Learning Standards.

New York State Learning Standards

New York State Learning Standards

The Arts

Standard 4: Understanding the Cultural Contributions

Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences

Standard 3: Resource Management

Languages Other Than English

Standard 2: Cultural Understanding

Mathematics,Science, and Technology

Standard 1: Analysis, Inquiry, and Design
Standard 3: Mathematics
Standard 4: Science
Standard 5: Technology
Standard 6: Interconnectedness: Common Themes

Social Studies

Standard 2: World History
Standard 3: Geography