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Ramblings of A Scatterbrain

Chapter Two

Section I

O me, o my
How time does fly
O my, o me
It fades into history
We'd better hurry
Let us check
Upon Baruch & Gulmore
Forty miles already
They've traveled
Upon the forest floor
Nearly two days are gone
Nearly two days have passed away
Let's not miss anymore
Let's see what adventures come today
For now in an
Aspen grove
Baruch & Gulmore
Are slowly walking
Enjoying immensely
Quintessential talking
"Gulmore, you may
Think I'm delirious
But upon a matter
I'm unduly serious"
Nature seems to be"
'With utmost dignity
The forest most cordially welcomes thee
You're our priviledged guest, you see
So please relax and feel free'"
"Yes, Baruch
The forest also seems
To be talking to me
But I can't respond
So comfortably"
"Sorrow and joy
Seem to be playing
Tug-a-war again
And I fell
Like the rope
Being used in their game"
"I'm afraid
A gigantic burst
Will come to be
And that
A mamouth whirlpool
Will come to engulf me"
Has its grasp
Upon me
The message
Will flow
To thee:
'See moonlight shine
Upon the foggy mists
Surrounding you
Hear the somber tune
Being played for you'
'Death's horror
Crackles in the branches
Of the trees
Though muffle by caskets
Terrified voices yell
"Let us free!"'
'Hear rattling
Of tear-stained sculls
Rumbling & swirling
In the distant stream'
'Memories of lost moments
Live and entrap them
In dusty dungeons of their dreams'
'Hear the voices
Of artists
Within the frighted leaves'
'Hear the valley
Echo the howling wind's
Sound of grief'
'See trouble clouds
Reach utter ens of the sky
See turmoiled faces
Emerge and pass by'
'See grass quiver
As lightening strikes
When thuder roars
See trees shake in fright'"
"Oh" replied Baruch, "I feel
"As you feel, most certainly
But be still, I think Nature's
Discourse will continue through me."
"Oh, see what falls
From the heaven above
To the earth below
It's the manna
From heaven
That always comes and goes"
"See tears falling
See tears falling from the clouds
Hear the message that beats upon the ground so loud:
Tears of sorrow
Yes, it's the fountain of youth
Chain's again are broken
Freedom's again on the loose
Tears of sorrow
Yes, it's that gift of grace
Which flowers graveyards
Into a fairy tale place
Tears of sorrow
Yes, it's the spring rain
Which gives birth to laughter again
Yes, look into the sky
See waters waltzing with light
Yes, see the trodden down arise with might
See estranged colors
Fruit and ripen and hold hands
Smell the fragrance
Of a rainbow that extends throughout the land
"Oh" replied Gulmore
Most wonderingly
"Talking and listening
To you, indeed,
Has uplifted me"
"However, night hiking
Has finally got
The best of me"
"Baruch, how'd you
Like to rest & sleep
Upon the carpeted forest floor?"
"Gladly, Gulmore
You need to say
No more"
So there they slept
And there they stayed
Until sunset passed
And evening came their way

Section II

"Jeseus, Baruch, what's all
The noise out there?
Oh, what could it be -
A rabbit? A deer? Or perhaps a bear?"
Yawned Baruch "I don't know
But I've yet to open my eyes"
And they looked - and wow!
Two nude girls silhouetted
Against the deep blue sky
Through the stream
The girls ran & skipped about
And on the grass
They jumped around & did somersaults
Then of Baruch & Gulmore
The girls did take notice
And then responded
By saying this:
"Take off your clothes
Upon you let madness descend
Accompany us, hold our hands
And be our friends"
And together
They roamed about
On Nature's playground
Until tiredness
Had finally
Slowed them down
Then firewood
Was being gathered
So they could set up camp
And the girls
Introduced themselves
As Lucy and as Tramp
Baruch then
Said most eagerly
"Smell the freshness
Of the trees"
"Soon we'll be sitting
Underneath the starry sky
Eating away
And living high"
"When huddling around
The fire, o who praytell
O who will have
A story to tell?"
Replied Lucy "I have
A story and an exciting one too
I'm sure it will thrill
You through and through"

Section III

Now contently resting
Is everyone
For Lucy's story
Has just begun
"Only about
Five miles from here
Lies the old ghost town
Of Running Deer"
"And the fame of many outlaws,
Prospectors and trappers still linger on
But towering over 'em all
Is the fame of the name of Preacher Long"
"A man of great learning
And a great speaker was he
And upon all matters
He was considered an authority"
"The few who challenged him
Were laughed to scorn
For his words Pierced
As a double-edged sword"
"Of fallen angels, demons
And the prince of the air
He'd continually harp upon
With a violent flare"
"'Though God' he said
'Took away the demons'
Power to materialize
Don't be deceived -
They are ever present
In disguise'
'And they can
Escape the spiritual realm
In which they are bound
By overtaking
All weak minds
That can be found'
'But no need
To live
In fear & gloom
Give back
To the Giver
And be saved from doom'"
"And immense amounts
Of money people gave
To insure that
Their souls would be saved"
"And when the
Luster of the gold rush
Died away
At Running Deer
Most people
Didn't bother to stay"
"Thus, sure enough
The town belonged
To no one
Else, but
Preacher Long"
"Yes, this
Is what took place
Nearly a century ago
But recent
Happenings you
Have yet to know"

Section IV

As Lucy
Finished her part
Tramp's story
Came to start:
"Remember in Mulberry
At Harvest Steeple
About a year ago
Where lived the Odd People?"
"However, since
Then we have
Moved away
Running Deer
Is now where
We stay"
"For in Mulberry
We were
Unstable financially
And oppressed
"Yes, all our
Time was spent
In harassment
By the government"
Then anger
Jumped into Tramp's eyes
And violently she started to cry:
"Oh, that vile creature!
Oh, that treacherous monstrosity!
That claims to protects us
Preseve us and make us free"
"O beast
That breathes the air so foul
And displays the stench
From its bowels!"
"Yes, of this abominable
Nightmare we had great fear
But kindling the dwindling flames
Of our dreams was the discovery
Of Running Deer"
"We searched that desolute
And forgotten town, yes we did
We found dust-covered books
And moth-eaten manuscripts"
"Also a will
Was found of Preacher Long's
Expressing his intent
For the town after he was gone"
"The town belonged legally
To the nearest lving relative, yes sir'ee
And that so happened to be
The grand professor of Mulberry"
"Running Deer
He gave to us in secrecy
He gave us a hope -
A mecca to which we could flee"
"But that greedy
Monstrosity arose again
Spreading unfounded rumors
And hoping for gain"
"They pressured
Dear Cunningherry
on all sides
He was fired
And forced to hide"
But suddenly tears
Overflowed & filled Tramp's eyes
And as her voice softened
She started to sigh:
"Oh bitterness
Disease that haunts me so
When will I forget you
So that you'll flee & go?"
"Can I escape
This cold practical plane
That breeds suffering
Contempt and disdain?"
Then for a while
Quietness reigned
Until Tramp
Abruptly talked again:
"Wow!" gasped Tramp
Almost in unbelief
"I see myself
As a leaf"
"I arise
In spring
And fall
In autumn"
Is only awaiting
For death
To come"
"As I see myself topple
The wind whispers to me
'Do not fear - you'll be remembered
Rest with ease!'
'Look up and see
The towering tombstone
Look again! Indeed
Hasn't it grown?'
'Yes, the stars
Are inhaling
And you're seeping in'
'Delightfully tingling
Once-dormant limbs
Are stiffening in anticipation'
'Oh, see fallen leaves!
See those that are,
Were and are to be'
'Yes, see fallen leaves!
They've ejaculated
To the heaven above
For the tree
Has reached the land of love'"
With this
Evening's story came to an end
Heavenly dreams
Await Earth's children
As they make their way to bed

Thus ends Chapter Two...