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Ramblings of A Scatterbrain

Chapter One

Section I

Just outside
The mountain town
Of Mulberry
Once stood
The famous university
Of Professor Cunningherry
Though the university
Still stands
Has changed hands
And the professor
Was fired - and rumor says -
Has left the land
And ever since
There has been
Much woe & sadness
About the lose
Of Cunningherry
And the days of gladness
The reasons
And details of his firing
Are quite unclear
A mystery
Muchly talked about
Among people
Around here
For in those wondrous days
People came here
From near & far
Bringing with them
Their school buses, tents & cars
And in these
They lived
And were more than merry
Enjoying academic freedom
With Professor Cunningherry
His absence though
Is being felt
More and more
Especially among
Two of his students -
Baruch and Gulmore
Checked they did
Various places
In town
But information
Concerning the professor
Just couldn't be found
So in hopelessness
Despair and dismay
They finally rested
At the coffee shop
"Display and Say"
And there
It just so happened
To be
The insane poet
Was reading
His poetry
He was an object
Of laughter
And it was commonly claimed
"His words are
Complete gibberish -
Meaningless and insane"
To explain
His poetry
The poet never would
And as to why
Baruch and Gulmore
Had understood
For today
Listening paid off
For Barach & Gulmore
They had understood
The words
To the core
No longer concealed
A mystery revealed
In this new light
A cause for fright
For among themselves
Must abide
The secret of the professor
That has to hide
Against them
They'll find
A big political system
Oh, when will be
The guarantee
For people to be
Mentally free?

Section II

Of daring adventures
The young
Often dream
Of being heroes
Of ending evil schemes
And for Barauch & Gulmore
A grand adventure
To test imagination's outcome
With reality's
Said Gulmore
I don't know
About you
But I know about me
Insipid as it is
I like security"
Answered Barauch
"Also with me does
That feeling abide
But I've another feeling
Conflicting inside
The youthful disease
Of impetuousness
Has dictated to me
That adventure's a must
And in discussing
It became alarmingly
The secret, they found
Was their basis
For fear
So their minds
Greatly confounded
Within and without
Were desiring relief
And grasping about
Then tauntingly, guess what
Came to haunt their minds
Sneaking up upon them -
Slapping them from behind?
A saying which
They spoonfed to themselves
Vomited forth
And was mysteriously felt
"When any problem
Is ailing you,
There's a simple solution
And here's what to do"
"Just remember the words
Of our motto
Then the answer
You'll always know:
"Be truthful
And honest
Anything else
Is profanity and lust"
"These worlds of wisdom!"
Cried Baruch
"Have they found
Their limits?
The answer this time
Is seemingly misfit"
But to get them
Out of this awful bind
Rationalization came along
To ease their minds
And they concluded
"The real foundation
Of society
Is untruthfulness
Until it's ready, to pollute it
With truth
Would be eveilness"
So an irrelevant truth
Baruch and Gulmore
Used for a vent
Telling everyone
That on a camping trip
Their time's to be spent

Section III

That next day
When the stars
Were still in the sky
They said "hi"
To the mountains
And to Mulberry - "good bye"
Ah, the mountain atmosphere
So crystal clear
Ah, so serenely graceful
and exquisitely dear
Pine needles
Are tickling the air
Wind is touching all
With motherly care
Laughter is blooming
Within the flowers
And the voice of birds
Say "It's the commencing hour"
All are awesomely
Awaiting for the event to be
The curtains shall arise
And soon will come
The Jubilee
To Baruch and Gulmore
A word of caution - BEWARE!
Often without warning
Quietness booms in the air
Silent words of rhyme
Soothed their minds
Thoughts interwoved
And dissolved
Their souls bloomed
Into living notes
Floating among the clouds
Dancing upon rays of sunshine
They traveled throughout planets & suns
And, indeed, did experience the divine
Oh, in the still air
A message
Seemed to ring
Despite silence
A song seemed to sing:
Come one. Come all.
Come great. Come small.
It's Sunrise!
The ceremony has begun
Come rejoice in
The coming of Mother Sun
Come partake
In the exotic rite
Celebrating the birth of life
Life for the great is life for the small
Life for one means life for all

Thus ends Chapter One...