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I am a sundial/stardial/moondial enthusiast and had an article published upon the subject in Astronomy magazine more years ago than I care to admit. Due to numerous requests, my wife Alice (a certified elementary teacher) and I started giving sundial-making workshops at nature centers, schools, libraries and other venues. Springboarding beyond the sundial, we expanded astronomy (and mathematics) into hands-on learning activities and outdoor exploration.
Our stargazing programs integrate constellations with accompanying skylore, history and scientific discovery. A firsthand view of the scroll of the star-studded heavens greatly entertains audiences, bringing bygone heroes back to life and renewing the age-old fascination for the night sky.
Though I studied forestry and botany at Colorado State University and currently graft fruit trees at St. Lawrence Nurseries at Potsdam, New York, stargazing has always been and I expect will always remain my number one passion. Most of my education has taken place in the classroom of the Great Outdoors - like on the Appalachian Trail - wherby I learned how the starry sky serves as a map for the celestial navigator, and showcases the natural rhythms of a clock and calendar.

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