Astronomy Links


Adirondack Public Observatory
Aileen O'Donoghue's Sky Events Page
Almanac -- sunrise,sunset & moonrise,moonset
Almanac & Sky Calendar
Altitude & Azimuth Calculator
Animations -- seasons, moon phases & more
Aphelion & Perihelion -- dates & times
Apogee & Perigee of Moon -- dates & times
Ask the Expert
Astrogation - Art & Science of Space Navigation
Astronomers 2
Astronomical Data
Astronomical Distances
Astronomical Glossary
Astronomy Clubs
Astronomy Index
Astronomy Links -- Sonoma St. Univ.
Astronomy Notes
Astronomy Now Online
Astronomy for Kids
Astronomy Prints and Activities for Kids
Astronomical Cycles
Astronomy Resources
Astrophotograpy guide
Audio Pronunciation Guide
Aurora Northern Lights


Birthstones & the Zodiac
Backyard Astronomy
Backyard Astronomy II
Black Holes
Blue Moon
Blue Moon II
Bonnie's Astronomy Links

Calendar -- Day/Date/Year
Calendar II
Celestial Coordinates
Celestial Navigation by Frank Reed
Celestial Sphere
Clear Sky Clock
Comet Page
Comet Exploration
Comets by David Jewitt
Complete Sun & Moon Data for One Day
Constellation Charts
Constellation Page -- American Association of Amateur Astronomers
Constellations by Anne Wright
Constellations by Astronomy.Net
Constellations by Chris Dolan
Constellations by Richard Dibon-Smith
Constellations and Stars
Constellations - Deep Sky Gallery
Constellation Stories
Coral and the Moon

Deep Sky Objects -- 3-D View!
Dictionary of Astronomy


Earth's Rotation
Earth View from Sun, Moon & Night Side
Eclipse by Hermit.Org
Eclipse Cycles
Eclipse Cycles II
Eclipses & the Moon's Nodes
Educational Resources
Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy & Spaceflight
Ephemeris for Sun, Moon & Planets
Equinoxes & Solstices -- dates & times

Fred Espenak's Eclipse Tables
Full Moon Names -- Northern Hemisphere


Galactic Nebulae Photos
Gallery of Stars
Gregorian & Julian Calendars
Griffith Observatory Sky Information
Griffith Observatory Star Awards

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Journey through the Galaxy
Julian Date Converter
Jupiter -- Great Red Spot transit times

Keith's Moon Page
Kepler's Laws Calculator
Kids Astronomy -- Astronomy magazine
Kids Astronomy Page -- NASA
Kids Solar System Puzzle
Kids -- Space & Astronomy Articles
Kuiper Belt -- trans-Neptunian bodies


Latitude and Longitude
Latitude and Longitude -- worldwide
Leap Second
Light Pollution Facts
Light Pollution -- International Dark-Sky Association
Light Pollution -- Selene
Light Pollution -- Stellafane and Springfield Prison
Light Pollution & Wal-Mart
Lunar Eclipse Computer
Lunar Libration & Curent Lunar Emphemeris
Lunar-Solar Cycles
Lunar Phase Calendar
Lunar Standstill

Magnetic Variation -- magntic north & true north
Magnetism -- Sun & Earth
Mapleton Observatory Sky in Australia
March equinox -- historic dates & times
Mars & Cassini
Mars & Kepler
Mayan Calendar Tools
Messier Deep Space Objects
Messier Gallery
Meteor Page -- American Meteor Society
Meteor Page -- Sky & Telescope
Meteor Showers 2007
Meteor Showers 2007 II
Milankovitch Cycles
Milankovitch Cycles & Glaciation
Milky Way -- direction to galactic center
Milky Way Galaxy
Milky Way Galaxy II
Moon Data
Moon Moving Away From Earth?
Moon Phase Applet -- durations of lunations
Moon Phases by Fred Espenak
Moon Phases -- U.S. Naval Observatory
Moonrises & Moonsets for the month
Moonrises & Moonsets for whole year
Moon Rhythms -- includes 2006 major lunar standstill
Moons of the Solar System


NASA Home Page
Neutron Stars
Nine Planets
North American Skies

Observer's Almanac by Sky & Telescope
Ocean Tides
Occultations of planets by Moon 2009-2014
Occultations 2011
Old Farmer's Almanac
Oort Cloud
Orbital Mechanics
Orbiting Astronomical Observatories
Orbits for Amateurs


Personal Astronomy Pages by Richard Bell
Photo Gallery
Planetary Guide to Outer Space
Photos, courtesy of CanStockPhoto
Planetary Nebulae Page
Planets by Bill Arnett
Planets by Chuck Ayoub
Planets by Enchanted Learning
Planets by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administation)
Planets by National Air and Space Museum
Planet Calculator
Planet Data
Planet Data Tables
Planet Fact Sheet
Planets through a telescope
Pleiades Occultation Series
Pole Shifts -- Theosophy & Science
Precession & Changing North Celestial Pole Illustration
Precession Lecture Notes by Professor O'Connell
Press Releases -- NASA
Printable Monthly Calendar -- Sunrise/Sunset & Moonrise/Moonset

Quizzes by SolarSystem.net

Red Dwarf Star Systems
Relative Sizes of Earth, Planets, Sun & Stars
Resonances -- Solar System
Rising & Setting Times -- Solar System Objects & Stars
Rising & Setting Times -- Sun & Moon
Rising & Setting Times -- Sun, Moon & Planets


Saros Lunar Eclipses 1-175
Saros Solar Eclipses 1-175
Satellite -- orbital velocity & period calculator
Satellite Page
Satellite Visibility by Heavens-Above
Satellites -- how they work
Sedna - Planetoid beyond Pluto
Sky At Night From Your Patio
Sky Maps Galore
Sky Marvels
Solar System by Calvin J. Hamilton
Solar System -- Dept. Physics & Astronomy, Univ. of TN
Solar System by NACMME
Solar System by NASA
Solar System by Wikipedia
Solar System by Wingmakers
Solstices and Equinoxes -- dates & times
Space Lessons for Kids
Space telescope & observatories
Star Formation
Star Motion
Starry Sky Planetarium
Stars -- notable nearby
Stars on KidsAstronomy.com
Stars by Jim Kaler
Sunrise & Sunset Calculator
Sunrise & Sunset Calendar
Sunrises & Sunsets for the month
Sunrises & Sunsets for whole year


This Month's Sky Chart
Tidal predictions
Tide Calculator
Tides -- diurnal, semidiurnal & mixed
Tides -- mathematical explanation
Tilt of Earth's Axis -- last 750,000 years
Time Zone Map -- Worldwide
Transit Page

Ultimate Almanac
Universal Time
Universe -- structure and evolution
Universe Today
"Upside Down" World
URLs -- Astronomy
U.S. Naval Observatory

Variable Stars
Variable Stars Archive

Web Resources -- U of WA Libraries
White Dwarf Stars
World of Astronomy by Eric Weisstein

Your Sky

Zodiacal Signs and Constellations
Zodiac -- dates of Sun's passage through constellations


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