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June 2016Summer Solstice Tale of Two Cities!
May 2016Comet Halley, Parent of 2 Meteor Showers
April 2016Moon occults Aldebaran April 10
March 2016Supermoon total solar eclipse March 8-9
February 2016Mars at West Quadrature
January 2016Five Visible Planets in Morning Sky

December 2015Solstice Tale of Two Cities
November 2015Frday the 13th & the Calendar
October 2015Halloween derived from ancient Celtic cross-quarter day
September 2015Why Aren't Day & Night Equal On The Day Of The Equinox?
August 2015How Often Do We Have A Blue Moon?
July 2015Blue Moon of July 2015 and the 19-year Metonic cycle
June 2015Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter
May 2015Lots Of Fun With The Number 7!
April 2015Shortest Total Eclipse of 21st Century on April 4, 2015
March 2015Friday, March 13, 2015 & the Calendar
February 2015Intriguing Cycle of Closest and Farthest Moons
January 2015Star Errai: Future North Star

December 2014Tropical Year As Measured by Successive December Solstices
November 2014Halloween Derived From Ancient Celtic Cross-Quarter Day
October 2014Total Lunar Eclipse Before Sunrise October 8
September 2014SuperMoon Ambiguity & Inconsistency Explained
August 2014In 2014, Longest Lunar Month From August 25 to September 24
July 2014Intriguing Triangle Theorems for Everyday People
June 2014How Often Do Seven Eclipses Occur In One Year?
May 2014Computing the Mass of A Celestial Binary
April 2014Total Lunar Eclipse for North America on the Night of April 14-15
March 2014March 20, 2014: Asteroid Erigone Occults Star Regulus
February 2014Supermoon Hype & Hoopla
January 2014Two New Moons at Perigee in January 2014

December 2013Blood Moon Prophecy for 2014 & 2015
November 2013Solar eclipse in Potsdam, NY, beginning at sunrise November 3
October 2013Venus Cycles, the Golden Triangle & the Pentagram
September 2013Duration of the Lunar Month
August 2013Two and Only Two Full Moons in One Season?
August 2013Seasonal Blue Moon on August 21, 2013
July 2013What is a Supermoon?
June 2013Closest Full Moon of 2013 on June 23
May 2013Calculating the Surface Temperature of A Star
April 2013Luminosity of Star Depends on Size and Surface temperature
March 2013March 2013: Year's farthest lunar perigee & closest lunar apogee!
February 2013Does our Sun have a binary companion?
January 2013EarthSky's guide to the five visible planets

December 2012The Non-consequential Galactic Alignment of December 2012
December 2012All Solar Systme Planets in December 2012 Night SKY
November 2012Solar eclipse marks beginning of Iroquois Confederacy
October 2012Star Regulus at border of the signs Leo and Virgo
September 2012Where's the planet Nibiru?
August 2012Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Second Weekend of August
July 2012Moon Covers What Percentage of Solar Disk?
June 2012Venus Transit Cycles
May 2012Steel Band Puzzle
May 2012Derive the Formula for the Area of a Circle
April 2012April 13, 2012 & the Calendar
April 2012Venus Wanes in the April 2012 Evening Sky
March 2012Leap seconds to remain...until at least 2015
February 2012Does Mercury Have a Northern Pole Star?
January 2012Milankovitch Cycles and the Ice Ages

December 2011Lunar Eclipse for North America Before Sunrise December 10
November 2011Figuring the Mass for Each Star in a Binary Star System
October 2011Yes, you can figure out the mass of binary stars!
September 2011Fastest Sunries/Sunsets Happen Around Equinoxes
August 2011Why Less Than 24-hours Time Between Successive Noons?
July 2011Farthest Lunar Perigee of 2011 on July 7
June 2011Total Lunar Eclipse Starts At 19:22:30 UT or UTC?
May 2011Vega Gives Dimension to the Starry Sky
April 2011Vis-Viva with the April Lyrid Meteors & March SuperMoon Revisited
March 2011Closest Full Moons come in Cycles of 14 Lunar Months
February 2011Zodiacal Light After Dusk: Harbinger of Spring
January 2011Facts & Factoids of the December 21, 2010 Total Lunar Eclipse

December 2010Northernmost total lunar eclipse until 2485
November 2010Blue Moon & the Metonic Cycle
November 2010Is The November 2010 Full Moon A Blue Moon?
October 2010Comet Hartley 2 in October 2010 Night Sky
September 2010September Equinox, Harvest Moon & Jupiter
August 2010Perseid Meteor Shower
July 2010July 6, 2010: Earth at Aphelion
June 2010Earth's Axis at 'Tipping Point' on Summer Solstice
May 2010Hercules Ushers In the Power of the Sun
April 2010Michelson-Morley Experiment "Proves" Earth At Rest
March 2010Why does the Waxing Crescent Appear Horizontal?
February 2010Asteroid Vesta an Easy Binocular Target in Leo
January 2010Latest Sunrise, Annular Solar Eclipse and Mars at Opposition

December 2009Earliest Sunset, Geminid Shower & Blue Moon
November 2009Does the Moon's Rotational Axis Point North?
October 2009Jupiter's Moons & Kepler's Third Law
September 2009Fastest Sunsets Happen Around Equinoxes
August 2009Opposition of Jupiter on August 14, 2009
July 22, 2009Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century
June 2009More Double Shadow Transits of Jupiter
May 17, 2009Double Shadow Transit on Jupiter
April 2009Will Earth pass through the Galactic Plane on December 21, 2012?
March 2009Venus Shines As Both Morning & Evening Star
February 2009Epsilon Auriga, Aurigae's Mysterious Star
January 2009Venus at Greatest Evening Elongation

December 2008Closest Full Moon since March 8, 1993
November 2008Watch Algol, Perseus' Variable Eclipsing Binary
October 2008Jupiter's Moons at Eastern Quadrature
September 2008Saturn Returns to Morning Sky
August 2008August 1 Total Eclipse of the Sun
July 2008Jupiter at Opposition; Earth Transits the Sun
June 2008Earliest Date for June Solstice since 1896!
May 2008Year's Farthest Full Moon A Blue Moon!
April 2008Northern and Southern Lunistices
March 2008March 23 Earliest Date for Easter in 21st Century
February 2008Yearly Eclipse Cycles
February 2008Total Lunar Eclipse on night of Feb. 20-21
January 2008Two Stars Flag Sun's Path through Milky Way

December 2007Vis-Viva with the Geminid Meteoroid Stream
November 2007November is the Month of the Pleiades
October 2007Hunter's Moon Presents Year's Closest Full Moon!
September 2007Zodiacal Light, the False Dawn of Autumn
August 2007Regulus marks First Point of (the Sign) Virgo
July 2007Venus at Greatest Brilliancy
June 2007The June 21st Northern Solstice
May 2007Venus flirts with the Midnight Hour
April 2007Farthest Full Moon & Closest New Moon of 2007
March 2007March 3rd Total Eclipse of the Moon
February 2007How Far is a LIght-year?
January 2007Year's Latest Sunrise not on Shortest Day

December 2006Year's Earliest Sunset not on Year's Shortest Day
November 2006Mercury Transit Cycles
November 2006Transit of Mercury
October 2006Shine On Harvest Moon!
September 2006Lunar Parallax
September 2006Northernmost Moon of the 21st Century
August 2006Equation of Time
July 2006Earth at Aphelion
June 2006The Tilt of the Sun's Axis
May 2006Jupiter rules the Night
April 2006The Date of Easter
March 2006Major Lunar Standstill
February 2006Perigean Spring Tide
January 2006Year of Major Lunar Standstill

December 2005Northernmost Full Moon
November 2005The Pawnee Star Calendar
Halloween 2005Arcturus, Ghost of Summer Sun
October 2005Two Eclipses & Mars at Its Closest
September 2005Harvest Moon
August 2005"Old-Style" Blue Moon
July 2005Kepler's Third Law of Planetary Motion
June 2005A Planetary Trio Bedecks the June Evening Sky
May 2005Milky Way's Vanishing Act
April 2005Jupiter at Opposition & A Tale of Two Eclipses
March 2005The Solar Pendulum
March 2005The Northbound Sun
February 2005Vega and Sirius, Comet Machholz & Bad Astronomy
January 2005Opposition of Saturn & Other Tidbits
New Years 2005Dawning of the New Year by Steve Daniels

December 2004Astronomy & The Da Vinci Code
November 2004Cassiopeia Trumpets Orion's Return
October 2004Saros Eclipse Cycle
October 27, 2004Total Eclipse of the Moon
September 2004Southbound Sun
August 2004Zodiacal Signs and Constellations
July 2004Einsteinian Velocities
July 2004Blue Moon
June 8, 2004Venus Transits the Sun
May 2004Orion Bids Farewell
April 2004Tail of Two Constellations
March 2004Mercury Attends Springtime Planetary Festival!
February 2004Venus and Jupiter
January 2004"Upside Down" World
January 2004Venus and Uranus
January 2004Mercury in the Morning

December 31, 2003Sirius and Saturn
December 2003Mercury in the Evening
November 22, 2003Mars and Star 90-Phi Aquarii
November 12-13, 2003Moon's Northernmost Point
November 2003November 8th Total Lunar Eclipse
October 2003Lunar Libration
October 2003Halloween First Quarter Moon
September 2003Equinox Geometry
September 2003The Harvest Moon
August 2003Kepler & Mars
August 2003Mars' Hype & Hoopla
July 2003The Apex of the Sun's Way
June 2003The Summer Triangle
June 3, 2003Taurus Bookends
May 2003The Saros Eclipse Cycle
May 2003Total Eclipse of the Moon
April 2003Jupiter & Cancer take Center Stage
April 2003Cassiopeia and the Southern Cross
March 2003Jupiter & the Beehive Star Cluster
March 2003Asteroid Vesta
February 2003Chinese New Year
January 2003Saturn and the Crab Nebula
New Years 2003Dawning of the New Year

December 2002The December (Southern) Solstice
December 2002Venus and Mars
November 2002Veterans Day First Quarter Moon
November 2002New Crescent Moon & Ramadan
October 2002Arcturus, Ghost of Summer Sun
September 2002The Harvest Moon
August 2002Perseid Meteor Shower
July 2002Earth at Aphelion
June 2002Planet Mercury & Star Aldebaran
June 2002See Venus At Daytime!

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